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okk, so I have some convo's I was doin w/ ppl about phantom of the opera from my class. Haha. Half of them aree clueless.

I'm bold, the other ppl are italic. :)

What do you think phantom of the opera is about? Michael:  A person trying to live out her father's dream for her, gets wrapped up in love, and dies at an early age. It's a classic love story.

I agree with the classic love stroy part, but the rest shows off his dumbness

Why do you think Christine chose Raoul instead of the phantom? Meghan: Because I think personally that she loved Raoul moe. After all, she was under the phantom's power, and she couldn't control the urge. I never really thought she actually loved him. but if she did, she ended up with Raoul, because I think she understood the disadvantages of living and loving a phantom that lives down under..wayyyy down under, the opera house which she lived in. I also think it reminded her too much of her father and his dreams for her. And I think she also wasn't sure if she wanted to continue singing and dancing in his opera house, and if she went with Raoul she would be free to live which ever way she and him chose..she didn't have to do what the phantom wanted her to do, which would be to continue singing because he's the one that gave her the gift of singing, he gave her his music and the music of the night. So she crushed his soal. And I think in a way, the phantom when he first knew her was trying to help her father with making Christine live out her father's dream, but ended up trying to steal her heart and got hurt pretty badly.

I so totally agree with Meghan..and she hasn't even seen the movie! Ha

If you were Christine, would you chose Raoul or Erik? Why? Kaitlyn: I'd pick the phantom cause I think he's cute, but loving wise...if I was Christine I'd chose neither. She doesn't seem to know what life is about and what love really is.

I respect her choice for this...but let's just say I totally don't agree. :)

My opinion on all of these:  A summary of the story--a girl's fsther dies. Her father said an angel woulds watch over her. She had to move leaving a friend behind. Years later her angel comes back and is her "tutor" for her voice and Raoul, her chilhood friend, comes to the opera house to sponsor. He falls in love with her, as well as her "angel", who happens to be the phantom. She's torn between them, and since she's still a child at heart, she doesn't know who to chose. In the end, she does what she thinks is right for her, though I'm not really sure it was because I think she could have lived longer than 37 if she ended up with the phantom.

I think Christine chose Raoul because she thought it was best for her. No more troubles..and she could rarelyt remember her father. Only thast her father used to read a story called Little Lotte and Raoul called her that. If she ended up with the phantom, she woulsd remember her father because at the beginning he claimed he was the "angel" her father had mentioned to her. And sometimes the phantom called her his "angel of music" I think that might have bothered her to still live in the opera house, too, because her father wanted her to sing and dance in an opera house one day like her mom did and it would give here too much memories for her to handle. :)

As of me, if I was Christine and thought like Christine and such, I think I still would have chosen Raoul not because of looks or personality because I don't like either, but because of love. She seemed to have loved Raoul more because as Meghan said, the phantom had power over her and only when he forced the power did she seem to love him. And she and Raoul sang the beautiful love song All I Ask of You with sincerety and she promised to be engaged and spend the rest of her life with him, even if she did die at an early age, she had a lot of l,ove the years of her like she spend with Raoul. If she would have chosen the phantom, I'm not sure she could have lived very happily. Only unless the phantom caused his power to control her forever until she died. I know this might sound crazy because I'm a huge phantom phan, but being Christine is not me. If I was Christine, I'd want the best possible choice and life, right? So then I would pick the best possible for me and not because of major hottness and majic. I know, crazy, but if I was me, Hailee, back then, THEN I could say I would chose the phantom. :)


thanks for taking the time to actually read this. :)

I asked my friend Elena these questions. This is what she said:1st q.. an opera lol  2nd q.. he has a normal face  3rd & 4th q.. Rauol cause he doesnt hav a distorted face




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